Moonlight Falls – Vincent Zandri

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Moonlight Falls - Vincent Zandri

Well – how to start this?
So from other reviews and the book blurb – you already have a basic idea of the storyline! BUT is it worth buying. Hell yes!
Zandri’s style of writing is flawless, well paced and keeps nicely with the timing of the story. It is like being on a rollercoaster – the twists and turns, the fast parts slowing down –  and then just when you think you have caught your breath – you are off again on a climb to the highest peaks before a good, hard fast ride through the story…..and this is a ride you never want to get off.

The character development is spot on and the interconnections between the characters well thought out and played out well too. Caring about a character is important to me – I want to cheer for the good guy and boo at the baddies and because they are so nicely drawn, I was able to do that.

I did not want to put this down. It kept me intrigued without leaving me feeling lost/clueless throughout……but don’t let that make you think that there is nothing to think about in this book – there is plenty – and it is done in such a fine way that you NEED to know more – you NEED to turn the pages.

This was the first of Zandri’s books I have read – and I will be back for more!


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Mark Edward Hall – Soul Thief – free!

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Mark is one of my favorite authors. He has a style of writing that leaves the reader wanting more all if the time. His novelette – The Haunting of Sam Cabot – freaked me out enough that I stayed away from a well on a friends property when visiting for the weekend! It takes a LOT to get me to even think about a book in such terms as so damn good that it actually makes me edgy!
Mark is serialising his new book – Soul Thief – on his site – and what can I say….. I am usually not a fan of books being serialised – but this is so good! It is one of those stories I am reading week by week and I KNOW I am going to want the book too. I want to go back and read it each week. The characters are easy to get involved with – and even after only 4 Chapters – it is easy to care about what is going to happen to them next.
Go and have a look – then go back for more….find out why an unborn baby is so wanted by so many and what the House of Bones is all about!

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Duncan’s Diary: Birth of a Serial Killer

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On first seeing this book I was rather pessimistic that it was just  yet another ‘story of a serial killer. I took a look at the ‘look inside’ feature on here and was hooked…….retaining a little bit of pessimism just in case!
Christopher’s style of writing ensures a smooth flow to the story and constant  have-to-turn-the-page reading because you just HAVE to know what is happening.
It is told in the first person – which can be difficult to do. He has made it look so easy – where other authors have tried and ended up losing the thread and flow of the story they are telling. You could almost believe that he is writing about himself as it flows so seamlessly.
Duncan Moron is a very believable character….which is more than scary in it’s own way… but that is also one of the main factors of this book that makes it such a good read. We see him going through the planning stages – the thoughts going through his mind  at every step and you can connect with him! Even though he is psychotic – you care about what is happening to him…and the more psychotic his thoughts – the quicker you turn the pages because the writing is done in such a way that you actually feel your adrenalin pacing with the story….slow down to catch a breath and then back to pacing with the story again.
There are some very graphic scenes in this book which are necessary for the flow and continuation of the story. They are done in such a way that although very gruesome – and easy to visualise – your heart is pumping in such a way because the adrenalin is back and rising and you are left with a ‘wow – that was some scary stuff’ and ‘oh hell yeah’ feeling!
It is very easy to see this book as a movie!
If you remember the good old days with Stephen King (who a couple of people have already mentioned) before he had that accident –  where you would be reading his books and wondering what was going on inside his head – Christopher has topped that feeling so damn well in this book.
This story is very unique. It is extremely well written and Duncan Moron is one of the best characters I have come across in a long long time.
Deliciously psychotic – adrenalin pumping – smooth flow and just cannot put it down and it will even make you look at one or two people around you – what more do you want from a book…..except a sequel of course!

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The Drummer Boy

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Scott has his own style of writing – it is unique – flows nicely and always manages to creep the hell out of me…..
The Drummer Boy is a truly well thought out and well done story. Civil War Deserters – trapped in ‘The Jangling Hole’ in the Blue Ridge Mountains – are about to be woken from their long slumber which begins a battle between the living and the dead. A young misfit kid could be the one person that can save the town.
The main characters seem real. Their conflicts seem real. It is a lot easier to care about characters that do seem real which therefore keeps the pages turning……you care about what happens with them. You want to hug them one minute and give them a slap the next.
The atmosphere in each scene is created in such a way that you can almost smell it. They are described in a perfectly vivid way and it is easy to envisage them in your own mind.
Most of all – the story is compelling! If you are looking at this as being one of the standard stories of ghost folklore that maybe has a little bit of an edge to it – sorry – you have come to the wrong place.
IF you are looking for a story that is going to creep you the hell out in such a good way that you are looking for your own neighbouring Jangling Hole …. then Scott provides that so nicely.
A good story – great characters – wonderful vivid atmosphere.
Suspense encompassed by evil.

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The Haunting of Sam Cabot – Mark Edward Hall

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The introduction to this story, and therefore the introduction to the main character and the narrator himself, Sam Cabot, gives the impression of a man who has been through a terrifying experience and has managed to come through the other side…..
The narration of the story is sublime throughout. The detail in the narration so natural, yet so so creepy and descriptive, the turn of phrase so adept and chilling, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing from beginning to end. There are few ‘quiet’ moments – which I was happy to see – as in a novella you do not want long pauses which bog the reader down in so much descriptive detail that it becomes boring and the story gets lost along the way. There is no fear of that here – only fear of the mind descending into insanity along with the main character as the story continues to progress so nicely, picking up speed – trotting – galloping – jumping the hurdle and slowing down …..just enough to get your breath back to below heart attack level before it picks up again in the most delicious, creepy and chilling way.
The character development is wonderfully natural and it is easy to become attached to them – which is what you need in a good story…. to cheer for the goodies and boo at the baddies.
Reminiscent of two of my favorite authors, Poe and Lovecraft, and essences of many more – the chill factor throughout and the complete feeling of descent into madness was completed so successfully, that when one comes to a major twist in the story close to the end, I was left with the feeling of wondering what is real, what is not and also of, ‘Oh hell yes!’ … in knowing Mark had thought this through so thoroughly so as not to just let the story drift off where it would have been so easy to.
The closing narrative takes the reader back to the house – believing it to be over as the house has burned to the ground, characters dead – but not? But the story is ended in such a wonderful chilling way that it plays with your mind just enough for you to question what was real and not throughout. Amazing when a book can get you thinking about it afterwards!!
I am familiar with Mark’s short stories and I would have been so disappointed if I had not been chilled to the bone.
My basement now has extra lighting, and in visiting a friend over the last couple of days, who just happened to have a well, that is used to draw water from, I found myself standing quite a way back from it! When an old gentleman knocked on the door late at night whilst I was visiting, and asked if my friend had accommodation, yep – I was chilled and spooked and switched every single light on in that big old 16th Century farm house and left them on all night!
Thank you Mark for making this gal feel very creeped out… I cannot wait for your next book/set of stories!!

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